Journal of Medical Law(Nenpo-Iji-Hogaku)

1 Inaugural Remarks K. BAI
Congratulatory Remarks H DIERKENS
Proceedings of the 15th General Meeting
Part I
1. Natural Death Acts in the United States and Legislative Problems in Japan A. MIYANO
2. Discrepancies between Japanese Law and Laws supporting and supported by Science H. FUKUMASU
3. So-called Death with Dignity and Criminal Law K. NAITO
Discussion K. BAI et al.
Part II Symposium “Medical Records Revisited”
1. Access to Medical Records S. AZAMI
2. Medical Records in the American Law E. MARUYAMA
3. Physician’s Duty to submit Medical Records S. SATO
Discussion K. SHINDO et al

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current World Topics
Selected Legislations,1985
Court Decisions,1985

2 Foreword T. ARIIZUMI
Proceedings of the 16th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
1. Analysis of Expert Testimonies in Malpractice Cases Y. OGASA
2. A New Concept of Physical Constitution in Drug Induced Shock Cases K. TOMITA
3 Medical Malpractice Screening Panels in the U.S.A. Y. TEJIMA
4. Civil Liability of Expert Witness in West Germany N. YAMASHITA
Part II Symposium“Expert Testimony in Medical Law Suits
1. Aims and Scope of the Symposium T. UEKI
2. Practicing Lawyer’s Viewpoint Y. KATO
3. Expert Witness’ Viewpoint S. KOMURA
4. Practicing Physician’s Viewpoint A. AEBA
5. Trial Judge’s Viewpoint T. MOTOI
6. Problems of Substantive Law R. YAMAMOTO
7. Problems of Procedure and Overseas Trends S. YOSHINO
Discussion T. UEKI and S. KOMURA et al.

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current World Topics
Selected Legislations,1986
Court Decisions,1986

3 Some Recollections on the Association H. ANADA
Proceedings of the 17th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
1. Care of the Elderly in Australia: from Institutional Care to Home and Community Care S. ANESAKI
2. Criticism of the Medical Care Policy for the Elderly A. NAKAGAWA
3. A Bedsore Case and the Standard of Care of Nurse
4. Professional Duties and the Licensing System of the Nursing Profession in the Home Care Era Y. KINOSHITA
Part II Symposium“Legal Problems of Hone care for the Elderly”
1. Introduction S. NISHI, S. UTSUGI
2. Measures agaist the Increasing Specialisation and Technicalisation of Medicine Y. NAGAI
3. Recent Trends and Problems of Medical Care for the Elderly H. INOUE
4. Evaluation of the Circumstances regarding Home Care S. KAWAMURA
5. Legal Problems concerning Discharges from the Hospital K. HIRABAYASHI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1987
Court Decisions 1987
Bibliography 1987

4 Rationalisation of Terminal Care T. UEMATSU
Viewpoints of Medical Law and Opinions of Legal Medicine Experts T. MATSUKURA
Proceedings of the 18th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
1. Conditions to Get Social Consensus on Brain Death K. MAEDA
2. Epidemiologic Approach to Prevent Medical Malpractice and Malpractice Claims – Proposal of an Intervention Study N. HAMAJIMA
3. Medical Malpractice :Characteristics of Claims Closed in 1984 in U.S.A. M. ASAI
4. A Study of the Foetal Right in Clinical Medicine T. KOSAKI
5. Criminal Liability of Physicians for Suicide-patients -Recent Court Decisions in West Germany and U.S.A. K. KAI
6. Responsibility of the “Family Members” in Home Care S. KAWAMURA
Part II Symposium “Home Care, Revisited”
1. Home Care as the Basis for the Continuous Care of the Old S. SATO
2. Home Care System at the Kitasato Univ. East Hospital H. KOWA
3. Problems Left Unsolved in Discussions of the Last Meeting S. NISHI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1988
Court Decisions 1988

5 Foreword M. MARUMA
Proceedings of the 19th General Meeting
Special Lecture
Mentally Disabled Persons and Human Rights H. AKIMOTO
Symposium “Patient=Medical Staff Relationship in Psychiatric Treatment”
On Purpose and Method of This Symposium K. BAI
Treatment Process of a Compulsorily Hospitalised Schisophrenic Patient T. WATANABE
Patient=Medical Staff Relationship in Community Care H. ANDO .
Therapist-Client Relationship in Psychotherapy S. KOSUGI
Human Relationship between Staff and Patients in Open Door System of a Mental Hospital K. URABE
Informed Consent and Psychiatric Treatment – in Case of Electroconvulsive Therapy H. MORITA
Patient’s Rights in the Mental Health System S. MACHINO

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1989
Court Decisions 1989

6 Foreword M.OGAWA
Proceedings of the 20th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
1.Medical Ethics Education in American Medical Colleges K.SHOJI
2.Medical Law Education in Nursing Schools Y.KATO
3.Recent Medical Malpractice Cases and Medical Law Education
Part II Symposium“Medical Law Education in Medical School”
I Presentations by Medical Law Teachers
1.Some Experiences at three Medical Schools in Hokkaido T. ASAI
2.Some Problems in Medical Law Education Y.NODA
3.The Opening of a Lecture on “Medical Jurisprudence” at Tokyo Imperial University in Taisyo Era K.BAI
II Reports from the Planning-Surveying Committee
2.Findings from a Questionnaire-Survey S.SUGITA
3.Findings from Interview-Surveys:
Tohoku District K.KANNO Kanto District Y.TSUKAMOTO
Chubu District TAKUO KANAGAWA Kansai District S.HUKUMA
Kansai-Chugoku District T. UEKI Chugoku-Sikoku District K. YAMAGAMI
Kyushu-Okinawa District M. HARA
Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1990
Court Decisions 1990
7 Foreword T.NAGAI
Proceedings 0f the 21st General Meeting
1.Legal Problems in Electoronic Medical Records Y. SAKUMA/Y. UEDA
– on Informed Consent-
2. Present State of Informed Consent of Patients with Cancers of the Digestive System Y. TSUKATA
3. Informed Consent, its Evaluation by Residents and Patients S. SUGITA/ M. YAMAKADO
4.Teaching and Understanding of Students on Informed Consent K. TOMITA/ S.IKEMOTO
5.Informed Consent -Case Studies K. YAMAGAMI
6.Informed Consent and Materialization of Risks K. KAWAHARA
7.The Development of Legal Theory with regard to Informed Consent A. MIYANO
8.Informed Consent and Medical Contract Y SIMIZU
9.Medical Treatment and Informed Consent Y.OGASA
10. Report of activities for Informed Conseet to take root in Japan Y. KATO
11. The Legislative Movement of the“Patient’s Rights Law”, its Significance and Present State M. IKENAGA
12.Change in Influenza Vaccination Practice, and Informed Consent T.KANAGAWA
13.lnformed Consent in Clinical Trials of New Pharmaceutical Products K. KAI
14.lnformed Consent in Psychiatric and Neurological Study R. OGIWARA
15. Team Approach and Informed Consent in Health Services T.ISII
16. Doctor-Patient Relationship and “Truth-Telling” M NOSAKA
17. Spinal Operation Cases and Informed Consent Doctorine in Several Countries Y. Tsukamoto
Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1991
Court Decisions 1991
8 Foreword E. SHIMOYAMA
Proceedings of the 22nd General Meeting
Symposium“Inform Consent Revisited”
Our Objectives and Methods K. BAI
I Present State of Law in Various Countries
1. United States of America E. MARUYAMA
2. Canada K. TOMITA
3. United Kingdom S. UTSUGI
4. Germany N. YAMASHITA
II Several Points at Issue-Analysis of Japanese Decisions-
1. Physician’s Duty to Disclose and Discretion D. URAKAWA
2. Mitigation and Exemption of Duty to Disclose K. IIZUKA
3. Damages N. YAMASHITA

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1992
Court Decisions 1992

9 Forword M. HARA
Proceedings of the 23rd General Meeting
Part I Presentations
1. Attitudes of the Learned toward New Reproductive Technology Y. SHIRAI
2. Patients’ Right to Selfdetermination and Conscientious Objection of Health Care Providers Y. TSUKAMOTO
3. Informed Consent in Nursing Practice K.HIKETA
4. Legal Responsibilities of Nursing Staff T. ISHII
5. Legal Responsibilities of Nursing Staff in USA J. KUSAKARI
6. Professionality and Legal Status of les infirmiers liberaux in France S. ANESAKI
Part II Symposium
“Professionality and Legal Responsibilities of Nuring Staff
1. Professionality of Nursing Staff S. KAWAMURA
2. Borderline between Medical Practice and Nursing Practice S. FUKUMA
3. Causing Mechanism of Nursing Accidents T. KUWANO
4. Legal Responsibilities for Nursing Accidents K. KANNO

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1993
Court Decisions 1993
Bibliography 1993

10 Foreword K. NAKATANI
Proceedings of the 24th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
1.Hospital-based Home Nursing-Its Present State and Medico-legal Analysis J. KUSAKARI
2. Liability of Physicians in Pharmaceutical Accidents – Taking Indication Seriously Y. OGASA
3.Legal Problems in the Medication not Indicated in its Instruction κ. κAI and M. KAJIHARA
Part II Symposium “Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals”
1. Mechanism of Pharmaceutical Accidents – From the Stand Point of Physician H. BEPPU
2. Appropriate Use of Pharmaceuticals and the Specialization of Dispensation K. SAYA
3. Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals – The Role of the Suppliers for the Appropriate Use of Drugs Y. KATO
4. Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals T. KUROKAWA

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1994
Court Decisions 1994
Bibliography 1994

11 Foreword Y. NODA
Proceedings of the 25th General Meeting
Symposium “For the Prevention of the Medical Malpractice”
I Outline of Risk Management N. HAMASHIMA
II The systems to Review the Malpractice and Quality of Medical Care in Several Countries
1. USA – Medical Quality Assurance and Risk Management T. TESHIMA
2. Germany – Die Schlichtungsstell und die Gutachterkommission der Bundesärztekammer M. URAKAWA
3. Sweden – The Swedish Patient Insurance Y. KATO
4. UK – Medical Accountability I. NIIMI
III Some practical Trials for the Prevention of Medical Malpractice
1 Countermeasures by the Nurses in Charge T. ISHIl
2. A Report of the Japan Society of Anesthesiology Y. SHlMADA
3 Medical Malpractice Information Center Y. SHIBATA
IV The Systems to Improve the Level of Medical Care
1 Peer Review Process in Nagoya Memorial Hospital T. FUJITA
2. How to Improve the Quality of Medical Practice In Japan M. FUKUSHIMA
V Does the Law Suits Contribute to Prevent Malpractice and to Improve the Quality of Medical Care T. WAGATSUMA

Case Comments
Book Review
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislations1995
Court Decisions1995
Bibliography 1995

12 Foreword T. TAKAGI
Proceedings of the 26th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
1. From Informed Consent to Informed Decision – An Analysis of Informed Decision from the Aspect of Comparative Law Y. ISHIZAKI
2. Physicians Liability under the Informed Dissent Doctrine A.MIYANO
3. Limit of Conjecture of the Patient Will K. HOSHINO
4. Framework for Protecting Medical Information O. SAKUMA
5. Who Owns Health Information? T. YAMADA
Public Health and Human Rights F. OOTANI
Part II Symposium “Health Information and Patient Rights”
1. Aims and Objectives of the Symposium M.MIYAJI and I.NIIMI
2. In the Case of Clinical Trial A. TERANO
3. Protection of Privacy in Health Information S.KAWAMURA
4. Medical Information and Protection of Patient’s Privacy – From the View Points of Medical Informatics Y. NAKAMURA
5. How Medical Information Should be Conveyed I. IKENAGA

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics 1996
Selected Legislations 1996
Court Decisions 1996
Bibliography 1996

13 Foreword K.NAKAYAMA
Proceedings of the 27th General Meeting
Part 1 Presentations
Standard of Medical Care and “Duty of Explanation” T. TERASAWA
On Clinical Research of Chemotherapy of Gastro-intestinal Cancer – Surgeon’s Viewpoint T. FURUKAWA
Part II Symposium “Clinical Research“
1. Present State of Clinical Trial in Japan T. WATANABE
2. Medico-legal Approach to Clinical Research K.BAI
3. Regulations of Clinical Research in the US E. MARUYAMA
4. Clinical Research, Human Experimentation and German Law K.KAI
5. Clinical Research in the UK S.UTSUGI
6. Japanese System and it’s Related Issues T. MITSUISHI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislations 1997
Court Decisions1997
Bibliography 1997

14 Foreword F.KANAZAWA
Proceedings of the 28th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
HIV Infection by Blood Products and Drug Administration Reform T. YONEMARU
Patient’s Perception of Access to Health Insurance Claim Statement S.SUGITA
Disclosure of Medical Record and Doctor-Patient’s Contract K.NAKAMURA
Constitutional Control over Enactment of Patient’s Right of Access to His Records I. TAKENAKA
Several Issues regarding the Disclosure of Medical Records N. YAMASHITA
Part II Symposium: Disclosure of Medical Records and Other Medical Information
1. Overview and the Result of Opinion Survey of the Association Members Y. KATO
2. Current Stage of Disclosure of Medical Records and Its Problems A. MORITA
3. Disclosure of Medical Records: Lessons from Foreign Countries N. HIGUCHI
4. Medical Records: Purposes and Their Disclosure S.FUKUMA
5. A Proposal to Return Medical Records to the Patient H. INOGUCHI
6. Disclosure of Medical Records: Enactment of Its Requirement A. MORISHIMA

Case Comment
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislation 1998
Court Decisions 1998
Bibliography 1998

15 Foreword S. NISHI
Proceedings of the 29th General Meeting
Joint Report: Genetic Testing of Children
Ethical Problems Inherent in the Nature of Genetic Testing Y. SHIRAI
Legal Problems of Genetic Testing of Children E. MARUYAMA
Guidelines and Model Consent Forms for Genetic Testing Y. SAlTO
Symposium: Surrogate Decision-Making on Medical Treatment
Surrogate Decision-Making in Clinical Settings Y. TSUKAMOTO
Self-Determination and Surrogate Determination S. MACHINO
Clinical Trial: The New GCP and Surrogate Decision-Making A. HONMA
Safeguarding the Rights of Research Subjects T. MITSUISHI
Surrogate Decision-Making in Mental Health Care M. YOKOFUJITA
Decision-Making Competency in Mental Health Care N. OGYU
Role of the Family in Disclosure and Decision-Making T. MIKI
Consent to Medical Care of the Aged by the Family M. ISHII

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislation 1999
Court Decisions 1999
Bibliography 1999

16 Special Issue Commemorating the 30th Year of the Japanese Association of Medical Law
Foreword K. BAI
Proceedings of the 30th General Meeting
Symposium I
Informed Consent: Practice, Ideal and Legal Rules
Symposium II
Duty of Care in Clinical Settings: Transition of Case Law
Symposium III
Retrospection of 30 Years of the Japanese Association of Medical Law
General Symposium
The Roles and Responsibilities of the JAML in the Future

Case Comment
Book Review
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislations 2000
Court Decisions 2000
Bibliography 2000

17 Foreword T. WAGATSUMA
Proceedings of the 31st General Meeting
Part I Presentations
The German Nursing System: Altenpfleger/-in from Legal Perspective H. MINEKAWA
Autopsy and Patient-Hospital Relationship S. TAKAHASHI
Medico-Legal Study of Medical Neglect in the United States K. KUDO
Damages for Violating Patient’s Self-Determination Y. HASEGAWA
Damages for the Loss of Chances for Recovery N. YAMASHITA
Cadaveric Renal Transplants under Transplantation Act T. AONO
Guideline Drafting by Metropolitan Hospitals Ethics Committee T. YAMADA
Part II Symposium: Governmental Guidelines for Regulating Medicine and Research
Changes in Control of Medicine and Medical Research Y. SATO
Nature of Genetic Information and Guidelines for Genetic Research Y.SHIRAI
The Problems in the Guidelines for Genetic Research K. SATO
Conjunction of Clinical Practice and Research K. SUGANO
Guidelines on Handling Specified Embryos and ES Cells M. ISHII
Regulating the Specified Embryo and ES Cell T. ISOBE

Case Comments
Book reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislation 2001
Court Decisions2001
Bibliography 2001

18 Foreword S. FUKUMA
Proceedings of the 32nd General Meeting
Part I Presentations
Standard Nursing Unit from the Accident Prevention Perspective T. SHIMIZU
US Electronic FOIA and Disclosure of Drug Information Y. AMANO
Medical Research and the Patient’s Right to Privacy N. MASUNARI
Part II Mini-symposium: Medical Information Privacy and Law
An Overview S. HAYAKAWA
Medical Information: Legal Doctrines for Protection Y. YAMASHITA
Medical Information: A Search for Well-Balanced Protection Y. ISHIKAWA
Part III Symposium: Systems for Preventing Medical Accidents
Government’s Comprehensive Measures for Promoting Medical Safety K. ARAKI
Promoting Safety in Practicing Medicine S. MIYAKE
Medical Accident Reporting Systems and their Problems T. SUZUKI
Criminal Sanctions against Medical Accidents T. YAMAMOTO
Remedial System Acts to Prevent Accidents Y. KATO

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislation 2002
Court Decisions 2002
Bibliography 2002

19 Foreword S. UTSUGI
Proceedings of the 33rd General Meeting
Part I Presentations
Blood Act Amendments 2002: Summary and Problems T. IMAI
Protection of Insider Whistleblowers in Medical Settings K. YANAI
Legal Issues of the Medical Training of Dentists Y. SAKUMA
Reconsidering License System for Effecting Team Medicine M. YAMADA
Part II Symposium: Reexamination of the Concept of Medical Procedure: IV Injection,Tracheal Intubation,Sputum Suction,etc.
IV Injection by Nurses: Current Practice and Issues T. ISHIMOTO
Tracheal Intubation by Emergency Medical Technicians T. NIIKURA
Home Care Workers and Work Allocation among Doctors, Nurses, and Care Workers T. IN
Legal Issues of the Concept of Medical Procedure K. HIRABAYASHI
Law and System Concerning Nursing in the United States S. YOSHIMURA
Occupational Conduct of Medical Auxiliary Personnel in France N. YAMAGUCHI
Nursing and Home Care in Germany H. KAHYO
Legal Regulations of Medical Procedure in the Netherlands K. KAI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Select Legislation 2003
Court Decisions 2003
Bibliography 2003

20 Foreword Y. TSUKAMOTO
Proceedings 01 the 34th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
“Duty of a Nation” in Public Health Legislations S. SUGITA
Reform of Medical Dispute Resolution System in China Y. XIA
Part II Mini-symposium: Medical Law Education in Law Schools
Actual Situation of Medical Law Education in Law Schools Y. KATO
Curriculum of Medical Law in Law Schools T. SUZUKI
Teaching Medical Law in Law Schools K. SUDA
Part III Symposium: Current Problems of Organ Transplantation
An Overview S. UTSUGI
Problems on Organ Transplantation from a Living Donor T. HATATE
Problems of Organ Transplantation from a Brain Dead Donor S. KONAKA
Requirements of Consent in Organ Transplantation Legislations and Bills in Japan E. MARUYAMA
On “Organ Transplantation from a Brain Dead Donor” S. MACHINO
Brain-Death is not Death, so Donors’ Self-Determination must be Respected T. MITSUISHI
From the Viewpoint of Ultima Ratio and Respect for the Donor’s Will S. SAITO
Children as Brain Dead Organ Donors S. NAKAYAMA
From the Viewpoint of a Recipient T. WAKABAYASHI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Court Decisions 2004
Bibliography 2004

21 Foreword T. KANAGAWA
Proceedings of the 35th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
Mature Minor’s Right to Refuse Life Sustaining Medical Treatment Y. NAGAMIZU
Protection of Personal Medical Data from Third Party in Japanese Legal System J. MURAYAMA
Long-Term Conservation of Medical E-signed Documents: Esp. on the Methods and Standards with Digital Signature Formats and Time-stamping Services T. YONEMARU
Part II Symposium: Medical Contract and Medical Accidents
An Overview Y. KATO
Medical Contract: Current Practice and Issues in Japan S. MASUDA
Medical Contract and Doctor-patient Relationship: A Physicians’ View Y. TSUKAMOTO
Medical Contract Law in the Netherlands Y. TEJIMA
Medical Accident and Contract in Germany Y. KOIKE
Medical Contract and Indemnisation System of Medical Accident in France N. YAMAGUCHI
A Doctor-patient Relationship and Remedies for Medical Injury Victims in Britain K. IITSUKA
Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Select Legislation 2005
Court Decisions 2005
Bibliography 2005
22 Foreword J. KUSAKARI
Proceedings of the 36th General Meeting
Part I Presentations
Legal Issues on Telemedicine in Germany: Suggestions to the Japanese Law N. YA MASHITA
Use of Personal Information in Medical Research: Legal Overview and Recent Discussions in England Y. SATO
Part II Work Shop
(1) Investigation of Medical Accidents T. SUZUKI
(2) Procedure of Proxy Consent in Medical Care of the Aged I. NIIMI
Part III Symposium: Medical Information
Protection of Personal Data Act and Medical Research E. MARUYAMA
Medical Information in the Times of IT: to Avoid Confliction of Values M. AKIYAMA
Correspondence to Infection and Medical Information: from the Viewpoint of Experience of Prion Y. NAKAMURA
Protection of Privacy in Health Research M. YOKONO
Protection of Personal Medical Information from Third Party in Japanese Legal System J. MURAYAMA
Medical Information and Criminal Law K. KAI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Select Legislation 2006
Court Decisions 2006
Bibliography 2006

23 Foreword S. MACHINO
Proceedings of the 37th General Meetings
Part I Presentations
The Problem of Criminal Negligence in Ensuring Medical Safety E. HIYAMA
Consideration to Discontinue Treatment for Patient in Terminal Term T. SHIMIZU
Respect for Patient’s Decisions at the End of Life in France M FUJINO
Presumed Consent in Medical Research: on Use 01 Speciment at the Nalional Cancer Center M. KUROSU
Is Pharmaceutical Law Useful for Blood Program R. SHIMOYAMA
The Rights of Donor Inseminated Children to Know Their Genetic Origins in New Zealand A. UMEZAWA
Part II Work Shop
Decisions on Life-Sustaining Treatment to Terminal Patients S. MACHINO / Y. SATO
Surrogate Mother M. ISHII
Pelvic Examination at Delivery S. YOSHIMURA
Living Donor Transplantation E. MARUYAMA
Part III Symposium: Medical Accidents and Criminal Responsibility
An Overview Y. KATO
Criminal Malpractice from the viewpoint of Clinicians K. KABE
Criminal Malpractice from the Viewpoint of Victims I. TOYODA
Criminal Malpractice and Theory on Duty of Careful K. KAI
Criminal Responsibility of Medical Staffs in Case of Concurrent Negligence K. KITAGAWA
Malpractice Cases from the Viewpoint of a Criminal Defense Lawyer S. TANASE

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Select Legislation 2007
Court Decisions 2007
Bibliography 2007

24 Foreword S. OSHIDA
Proceedings of the 38th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
Universal Differences of Perception and the Legal System T. KAWASAKI
Pharmacist’s Professional Responsibilities A. MOR’IMOTO
Part II Work Shop
Regarding Standard of Care of Doctors and Hospitals in Medical Malpractice Cases T. SUZUKI / Y. TEJIMA / T. SEKI
Consent to Medical Treatment for Minors W IWASHI
Part 1 Symposium: Making a Rule of End-of-Life
An Overview K. KAI
The Present Situation and Problems of End-of-Life T. OTAKE
The Investigation of the Actual Situation on the End-of-Life E. MATSUSHIMA
The Standardizations on End-stadium in Critical Care by Japanese Association for Acute Medicine T. ARIGA
How should the Legal Control on the Terminal Medicine be applied: Physician’s View? Y. TSUKAMOTO
The Approach of Personalistic Bioethics to Medical Care at the End of Life E. AKIBA
Making a Rule of End-of-Life and Legal Problems K. KAI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Select Legislation 2008
Court Decisions 2008
Bibliography 2008

25 Foreword K. HIRABAYASHI
Proceedings of the 39th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
Children with Brain Death as a Donor of Organ Transplantation and Travel for Transplantation T. IMAI
Problems of Criminal Procedure for Medical Accidents M. UEDA
Part II Work Shop
Discussions on the Criminal Case of the Fukushima Prefectural Ono Hospital K. KA TSUNORI / Y. TEJIMA
Scientific Research on Human Beings: Reflection on the Revision of the Helsinki Declaration 2008 T. MASUI / E. MARUYAMA
Part III Symposium: Toward Establishment of Comprehensive Death Investigation System
An Overview S. UTSUGI / Y. KATO
Death Investigation System in Japan and its Problems T MATSUMIYA
Nowadays State of Autopsy in Japan as a Pathological Stand of View M. KUROOA
To Aim for the Construction of the Cause of Death Investigation System in Japan: Cause of Death Investigation Medical Center Plan (from the Proposal of the Japanese Society of Legal Medicine) S. KUBO
Current Situation of German Leichenschau and its Suggestion to Japanese Law S. SHIMADA
Death Investigation System in the UK S. UTSUGI

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Select Legislation 2009
Court Decisions 2009
Bibliography 2009

26 Special Issue Commemorating the 40th Year of the Japanese Association of Medical Law
Foreword K. KAI
Proceedings of the 40th General Meeting
Symposium I
Basic Act on Healthcare and Patients’ Rights
Symposium II
Medical Practice and the Family
Symposium III
Quality of Health Care and Professional Autonomy

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected Legislations 2010
Court Decisions 2010
Bibliography 2010

27 Journal of Medical Law27
Foreword K. NAKAMURA
Proceedings of the 41th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
Medical Law Education in People’s Republic of China Y。 KAWASHIRO
Legal Liability of Ethical Committee in Medical Research in Germany N. YAMASHITA
An Overview of the U.S. Physician Payments Sunshine Act and its Related Issues K. KOJIMA
Part II Work Shop
Present Situation and Issues of Emergency Medicine T. ISOBE
Some Problems of Collaborative Service of Medicine T. SEKI
Part III Symposium: Clinical Research
System of Clinical Research: Problems of Premarketing Clinical Trial K. UESHIMA
Regulation of Clinical Research in the United States E. MARUYAMA
European Law Governing Clinical Trials of Medicines Y. INOUE
Regulation of Medical Research in Japan Y. SATO
Clinical Research seen from the Executive Official’s Viewpoint T. NAKAGAKI
Legal Liability and Compensation for Clinical Studies and Trials J. TSUJI
Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research Y. INOUE

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Selected legislation 2011
Court Decisions 2011
Bibliography 2011

28 Foreword T. YAMADA
Proceedings of the 42th General Meetings
Part 1 Presentation
Deliberations of Hospital Ethics Committee Based on Legal Cases in USA T. IKKA
Liability for Informed Consent on Malpractice Law Suit: An Statistic Analysis J. ECHIGO
A Design of Relief System Using Non-life Insurance for Victims from Medical Accidents D. SATO
Part II Work Shop
Legal Issues on the Safety of Pharmaceuticals K. MATSUSHITA
Health Law Education for Medical Professionals in the Professional Education Process T. SUZUKI
Part III Luncheon Session
Health Care and Economy: Growth Strategy and Social Security T. KAMEDA / N. MIZUNUMA
Part IV Symposium: No-Fault Compensation System and Safety in Medicine
An Overview K. KAI
Tort Liability and No-Fault Compensation for Medical Injury M. URAKAWA
Compensation Systems for Medical Injuries: An Approach for Comparative Law K. CHIBA
Perspectives on the No-Fault Compensation System for Birth-related Cerebral Palsy Cases in Japan N. UESUGI
The Japan Obstetric Compensation System for Cerebral Palsy T. OKAI
Turning the Compensation System into Increasing Medical Safety From the Perspective of Being a Lawyer for the Patient Y. KATO

Case Comments
Book Reviews
Current Medico-Legal Topics
Select Legislation 2012
Court Decisions 2012
Bibliography 2012

29 Foreword K. UDA
Proceedings of the 43thGeneral Meetings
Part I Presentation
Decision-Making in Terminal Care: Based on Legal Discussion in USA K. SHINTANI
Medical Law Approach to the Medical Neglect 01 Minor Patients: Toward a Cooperative System of Criminal Law, Civil Law and Social Welfare Law: Based on the Perspective of Integrated Medical Law M. HOJO
Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in the European Union: Implications for Japanese Health System Y FUKUOA
Legal Issues on Cord Blood Bank: With the Intention of Examining about Biobank Concept R. KAMISAKA
The Progress of Psychiatry and the Judgment about Criminal Responsibility D. UEHARA
Par II Work Shop
Medical, Ethical and Legal Ramifications of Prenatal Diagnosis E. MARUYAMA
Regenerative Medicine Y. SATO
Part III Luncheon Session
Principle of Medical Law T. SUZUKI
Part IV Symposium: Medical Accident Investigation
An Overview K. KAI
Involvement of Specialist as an external member of the Institutional Investigation Committee for Medical Accident: from experience of the Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery Y. UEDA
Which kind of medicolegal autopsy should be chosen in the case of suspected malpractice? H. lWASE
Institutional Investigation for Medical Accident and Death Investigation System in Japan H. TAKEICHI
Some Legal Problems of Medical Accident Investigation in Civil Cases S. MASUDA
Institutional Medical Injury Investigation Report and its Effects on Criminal Procedure H.SASAKURA

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30 Foreword K. KABE
Proceedings of the 44th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
Regulation of Medical Treatment between the Family to use Human Body or Parts as a Medical Resource: A Case of Third Party Reproductive Medicine and Living Donor Organ Transplantation in Japan T. IMAI
Legal Situation regarding End-of-Life Care: a Comparative Study between France and Belgium M. HONDA
The Effects of Health Care Basic Act on the related laws: Analyses of the existing 44 Basic Acts T. KOJO / S. MITANI
The legal concept of medical confidentiality has been changed?: A comment on the decision of February 13, 2012 by the Supreme Court of Japan K. JINBA
The nature and extent of the obligation to report on procedure and results of medical treatment T. SAKAUE
Recent situation of prenatal and preimplantation diagnoses in Germany Y. MIENO
Part II Work Shop
Amendment to the Act on Mental Health and Welfare for the Mentally Disabled E. KUBONO
The Role of Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice Litigation C. WATANABE
Legal issues in the dental health care M. KUROSU
The Training System for Nurses to Perform Specific Medical Interventions and Legal Issues in Japan S. YOSHIMURA
Part III Luncheon Session
Some Legal Issues regarding the Act on Arrangement of Relevant Acts for Promoting Comprehensive Secure of Healthcare and Care in the Region. Y. TEJIMA / T. SUZUKI
Part IV Symposium: Regulation on Regenerative Medicine
An Overview: Medical law’s perspective on the three Acts concerning Regenerative Medicine T. IKKA
Revisiting the New Law restricting Cell Therapy S. TATSUI
Patient Protection,the Right to Health Care,and the Academic Freedom: A Constitutional Analysis of the Regulation on Regenerative Medicine S. NAKAYAMA
The content and significant problems of the Regenerative Medicine Safety Act 2013: From the viewpoint of medical care service regulation S. YONEMURA
Examination of the regenerative medicine regulation through the comparison between consumer-protection law and patient protection law H. TAKASHIMA
Regenerative Medicine: our way for clinical application A. MATSUYAMA

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Selected Legislation 2014
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31 Foreword I. Niimi
Proceedings of the 45th General Meetings
PartⅠ Presentation
Contract Law as a Means of Protecting the Rights of Vulnerable Groups : Answers Provided by the Codification of Medical Contracts J. Murayama
The Relief System for Damages from Medical Accident in Korea Y. Lee Caring
For Patients and the Medical Team : Guidelines as Solution to Issues in the Law and Ethics of the Medical Practice Y. Iijima
Why Austria Could Adopt the Opt-out System for Organ Donation ? K. Jinba
Possibilities of Forensic Nursing Development in Japan K. Yanai
PartⅡ Work Shop
General Principles of Medical Law Y. Tejima
Preventive treatment and its determinants:a case study Elderly People and Healthcare N. Yamaguchi
PartⅢ Symposium:Assisted Reproductive Technology and Medical Law
The Aim of the Symposium E. Maruyama
Assisted Reproductive Technology : Prospects and Concerns O. Ishihara
Ensuring the Safety of Medical Care System on Assisted Reproductive Technology M.Nakamura
Reproductive Technology and Medical Treatment M. Ishii
The Statutory Regulation of ART W. Iwashi

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32 Foreword T. SUZUKI
Proceedings of the 46th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
The Global Transparency Updates and Challenges in Japan K. KOJIMA
Legal Issues of Medical Waste :Relationship of Emitter and Liability of/ Responsibility for Disposal K. NAGASHIMA
Problems in the Actual Situation and Legal System about Doubt Inquiry in Community Pharmacies S. JUMAN
Conference of Evidence T. HIRANO
Problems of Calculation of Solatium in Medical Accident Lawsuit N. YAMASHITA
Regulation on ART and Reproductive Tourism M. KOKAOO
Part II Work Shop
Decision-making in Pediatrics N. KAKEE
Medical Law and Economics Y. NAKAMURA
Dialogue between Law and Medicine T. KAWASAKI Y. TEJIMA
Part III Symposium: Medical Accident Investigation System
The Aim of the Symposium Y. KATO N. YAMAGUCHI
Medical Accident Investigation System :History of Establishment,Current Situation and Problems S. KIMURA
Requirements for In-Hospital Medical Accident Investigation Committee Y. UEDA
From the Standpoint of Supporting Organization of Medical Accident Investigation S. IMAMURA
Problems of the Medical Accident Investigation System and What Victims Can Do M. MIYAWAKI
Comparative Studies of Investigation into Medical Incidents M. WAGATSUMA

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Selected Legislation 2016
Court Decisions 2016
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33 Foreword Y. KATO
Proceedings of the 47th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
Legal Justification of Clinical Trial: Based on Medical Products Act (Arzneimittelgesetz) and Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktegesetz) in Germany Y. AMADA
Legal Issues Arising from Inducing Human Germ Cells from Pluripotent Stem Cells K. JINBA
Revision of the Austrian Artificial Procreation Act in 2015 Y. MIENO
Legal Obligation of Treatment and Work Style Reform W. MITANI
Criminal Negligence in Medical Accidents and Moral Luck N. NAGAISHI
Advertisement Regulation of The Health Food: As an Opportunity to “Chlorella” Advertisement Trial R. KAMISAKA
Part II Work Shop
Towards the Reconstruction of Legal Rules on Medical Information : Focusing on Hard Issues of Medical Practice and Research S. YONEMURA T. FUJITA K. YOSHIMINE T. KURODA
Duty of Confidentiality and its Exception: From Daily Medical Treatment and Examination for Epilepsy T. MORIWAKI
Clinical Trial Act T. IKKA T. TAKANO T. ISOBE Y. INOUE
Present Situation and Future of in-house Lawyers who work for Hospital Y. TEJIMA
Part III Luncheon session
Genome Editing: What does it mean, play around with Genetic Material, DNA T. MASUI
Part IV Symposium: Health Professionals and Systems for Geriatric Medicine
Introduction and Overview Y. SATO
How’s the Best Care for Elderly in Community-based Integrated Care System? Comparison between Netherlands and Japan N. AKIYAMA
On Community-based Integrated Care and “Regional Medical Concept” (Chi’iki Iryo Kousou) Y. YABUMOTO
Medical System of Acute and Post-acute Care in Community Life M. KURIHARA
Necessities for Community-based Integrated Care System with Multidisciplinary Cooperation Y. KONNO
Aging Society and Pharmacy Practice M. UTSUMI
Problems on Ambulance Service in Aging Society Y. SATO

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Selected Legislation 2017
Court Decisions 2017
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34 Foreword S. YOSHIMURA
Proceedings of the 48th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
Considering Oral Health Care of Patients During the Perioperative Period in Terms of Medical Laws: A Comparison of Nurses and Dental Hygienists S. SHIBANO
The”Active Role”of Judges in Medical Malpractice Cases in Japan: Considering Interaction between Current Investigation System, Remedy System and Courts R. HATANAKA
Issues and Measures with Respect to the Legal Relationships of Treating Foreigners T. OHNISHI
Toward Better Governance: Recent Discussions in France Y OGAWA
Part II Work Shop
The Past, Present and Future of Organ Transplantation in Japan K. JIMBA et at.
For the Identity of Medical Law: Focusing on Informed Consent M. ISHII et at.
Part III Pre-Lunch Seminar
Recent Developments in Medical Research Ethical Regulations E. MARUYAMA
Part IV Symposium: Symposium: Frontier of Medical Information
“Privacy” and Act on the Protection of Personal Information: Bridge over troubled Medical Law and Information Law G. SHISHIDO
Recent Data Protection Measures regarding Medical Related Information in Japan Y ITAKURA
Legal Constraints Hiding in the Medical Practice Field of Healthcare Information Integration and the Utilization K. OHE
Legal Issues on the Secondary Use of Medical Information in Japan S. YONEMURA
Special Comment T. YAMAMOTO T. FUJITA

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Selected Legislation 2018
Court Decisions 2018
35 Foreword M. ISHII
Proceedings of the 49th General Meetings
Part I Presentation
Impact of Orphan Drug Development Policy on Health Insurance and Medical Financial Resources: From the Viewpoint of International Comparison between Japan, the United States and Europe Y FUKUDA
Regulatory Developments on Scientific Research Misconduct in the US N. AKIMOTO
Analysis of Criticisms by Healthcare Professionals on Judgment in Medical Cases: Review of an Ideal
Approach to Promote Mutual Understanding between Healthcare Professionals and Legal Professionals M. OHSHITA
Part II Poster Presentation
Part III Work Shop
Genome Editing O. ISHIHARA et al.
Considering Medical Treatment Contracts in Social Insurance Medical Care H. MINEKAWA
For the Identity of Medical Law, part II: From the Viewpoint of Medical Accidents and Medical Litigation N. YAMAGUCHI et al.
Part IV Symposium: Law and Disaster Medicine
Foreword T. ISOBE
Issues in the Legal System for Health Care in Disasters N. SAKAMOTO
A Case of the Disaster Medical System in Kumamoto Prefecture J. OKA
Legal Issues of the Triage for Victims during Disasters as Revealed by my Disaster Medical Activities in
Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture T. ISHII
Law and Disaster Medicine: An Administrative Law Perspective T. ISOBE
Legal Issues on Medical Activities during Natural Disaster: From the Viewpoint of the Disaster Law

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Selected Legislation 2019
Court Decisions 2019

36 Foreword E. MARUYAMA
Proceedings of the 50th General Meeting
Part I Presentation
French Bioethics Law Reform and Redefining the Mother-Child Relationship
Legal Issues to Continue Community Healthcare in Depopulated Areas T KOJO
How Can We Prevent and Relieve Patients’damages Caused by Self-pay Medical
Part II Symposium: Infectious Diseases and Medical Law
Foreword T ISOBE
Infectious Diseases and Public Health Y NAKAMURA
The Operations and Their Problems on the Function for Infectious Diseases including
COVID-19 at a Public Health Center in Japan T WATANABE
Consideration of Medical Care System for Infectious Diseases and Analysis of Current
Situations Y SATO
Provisions of Infectious Diseases Law in Japan Regarding the Responsibilities of the
Individuals Y INOUE
Constitutional Fundamental Rights Faced to Epidemic Crisis H. KAWASHIMA
Infectious Diseases and Medical Law: An Administrative Law Perspective T ISOBE
Special Comments M. OSHITA A. FUNABASHI

Special WEB Symposium: Law and Medical Care for Infectious Disease Control

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